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Farm Windmills Repaired, Sold, & Installed Throughout The Midwest

We are in the business of old fashioned, water pumping windmills. Once seen all across our country on nearly every farmstead pumping tirelessly to provide life giving water to livestock, plants, and people. These time proven, heavy duty workhorses were designed to pump water from wells, but even if you don’t need to pump water, they make great landmarks to any farmstead.

They are not designed to generate electricity, but they can reliably pump water to fill ponds, water livestock, irrigate, or aerate ponds. The fact that they look great is an added bonus!

Windmill Installation with Crane
Windmill Installation
Windmill Installation
Windmill Installation

8x50 Eltzroth IL

  • We service the entire Midwest
  • All types windmills repaired
  • All sizes windmills for sale
  • Towers repaired or relocated
  • Pump repair & installation
  • Can operate pond aerator
  • No job too large or complex
  • All work guaranteed

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