Tom’s Market of Huntley, IL recently suffered the loss of their vintage Challenge 27 Windmill on 72′ (Monitor) tower. The destruction was due to a sudden microburst storm.  Pau’s Windmill & Crane was asked to install a replacement windmill of similar size.   The replacement windmill was a new Aermotor A802 (8′ wheel) set on a new 73′ tower.  This tall tower was custom built for this job and was designed to have the bottom two sections (28′) to have heavy diagonal braces instead of the usual single bottom section (14′).  The gauge and size of tower angle was also heavier than normal.  The tower’s base was approx. 15′ square.

This installation included several challenges including: the two north legs had to sit only inches from shed foundation, old anchor posts had to be removed, windmill had to go over existing pump house, and between pump house and shed. By the way we found three sets of old anchor posts in the ground.  Making this the fourth windmill on this site!  My Boom truck only has 70′ of main boom and I could not set up very close to the site so of course we had to rig it down from the top.

If you ever get a chance to visit Tom’s Market, try the Zucchini bread!…Oh, and check out the windmill!  Trust me, you can’t miss it! 🙂  Dec. 2018