RJ's tank rebuldIMG_0491RJ's roof workRJ's new cedar roof and tank topRJ's spraying roof topIMG_0540December 2012, We rebuilt this 14′ E702 Aermotor atop this neat 75′ tank tower. This Spring 2013, we tackled rebuilding the tank. The barrell was still in amazingly good shape, but everything else was very bad shape. We tore off old rotten roof top, supporting structure, and tank cover, then replaced everything with treated lumber and custom Cedar roof slats. Finished by spraying rooftop with special Urethane, then sealed with two coats roof paint.  We also replaced all catwalk supporting beams and planks. Finished by painting the 100+ year old handrail. The tower was originally built by the US Wind Engine & Pump Co of Batavia and probably dates to late ninteenth century. The bottom legs are 3/8″ x 6″ x 6″ angle iron. Tank is approx 18,000 gal capacity and measured 16′ diameter, and about 12′ tall. Let me tell you, the raccoons had really taken over up there!!!