We manufacture and install aeration pumps (aerators) onto traditional farm windmills. When used with membrane diffuser(s) and weighted air line, the system can reduce or eliminate algae, add necessary oxygen for fish, keep pond open year-round. Aerator unit develops up to 6cfm and operates at approx 25psi (depending on depth of pond). The system is designed to be operated by old fashioned, farm type windmills*.  I can supply complete aeration system for your windmill or I can provide complete package, including; windmill, aerator, diffuser(s), air line, and all fittings. Installation is of course available. This is a very heavy duty rig and will outlast the cheap farm store aerator windmills by many, many years. The system is reliable and requires minimal maintenance.

*Aeration unit works best when used in conjunction with Aermotor brand windmill, 8′ diameter head, model A602 or A702, set on the short stroke (5-3/4″).Aerator close upWindmill pics 172