16′ Aermotor windmill w/ 40′ tower for sale

Large 16′ F702 Aermotor Windmill w/ 40′ Tower. Complete windmill has been professionally rebuilt including all new bearings. Includes all good usable parts including; mast pipe, furling linkage, brake, furl lever, buffer assy, pump rod, spring, spokes, tailbone, brake handle, & bolts. Original blades and tail are like new with excellent galvanizing. Original 40′ Tower (w/bolts) is disassembled, and in near perfect condition. Delivery and professional installation available. Cannot ship. $18,500.

16' gearbox



16 wheel sections

16 tail vane R 16' tail vane L


Windmill OPEN HOUSE, June 21 & 22, 2014!


Demonstrations, Exhibits, and Discussions on windmill applications; water pumping, pond aeration, pond filling, wind turbine electric windmills, solar power, and more!  All things Windmill related will be discussed!  Special show discounts for Windmills and parts. Refreshments available. Please come Rain or Shine!

Date/Time: June 21 & 22, 2014,  10am-5pm

Where: Paul’s Windmill & Crane Service

Address: 3413 Co. Rd. 625 E, Foosland, IL 61845

call Paul for more info: 217-897-6699


75′ Tall Windmill relocated 60 miles, rebuilt.

10 X 76Raising 75 TowerWe recently relocated a tall 75′ Monitor windmill tower from Janesville, WI 60 miles to Shullsburg, WI. The base of the tower was over 14′ wide so we took the bottom half apart for transport. Once at destination, we re-assembled tower and installed Aermotor style stub tower so the rebuilt B702 Aermotor 10′ head could be installed. With the new stub tower, the tower grew in height to 78′!  With only inches to spare, the tall pick had our crane at maximum reach!

Pond Aeration Windmills-Illinois manufacturer, dealer, installation

We manufacture and install aeration pumps (aerators) onto traditional farm windmills. When used with membrane diffuser(s) and weighted air line, the system can reduce or eliminate algae, add necessary oxygen for fish, keep pond open year-round. Aerator unit develops up to 6cfm and operates at approx 25psi (depending on depth of pond). The system is designed to be operated by old fashioned, farm type windmills*.  I can supply complete aeration system for your windmill or I can provide complete package, including; windmill, aerator, diffuser(s), air line, and all fittings. Installation is of course available. This is a very heavy duty rig and will outlast the cheap farm store aerator windmills by many, many years. The system is reliable and requires minimal maintenance.

*Aeration unit works best when used in conjunction with Aermotor brand windmill, 8′ diameter head, model A602 or A702, set on the short stroke (5-3/4″).Aerator close upWindmill pics 172